Competitive SEO Site Audits have landed to Colibri

You can't image how happy we are! New Competitive SEO Site Audits feature has been released.
Though it is still in Beta you can enjoy the following data gathering:
- backlinks reported by Google (Backlinks found by Google, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website.)
- backlinks reported by Alexa (Backlinks reported by Multiple links from the same site are only counted once. Links from adult sites are counted.)
- Number of pages indexed by Google
- Number of pages indexed by Bing
- Daily traffic
- Search visits
- Daily reach
- Page Views
- Page Views per User
- Bounce Rate
- Time on Site
- Google Page Rank
- Alexa Rank by Country of a domain
- Facebook mentions of a domain
- Twitter mentions of a domain
- Google Pagespeed Score of a homepage
- Average Load Time of a homepage
- and more

And last but definitely not least you can compare your statistics to any of your competitors!

Have fun!

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As of Today Colibri can integrate its data with Google Analytics. Thanks to it you can analyze how much traffic you get and how well you perform. This feature is in beta and will be further extended.

Nowadays all the online businesses compete to reach top positions in search engines and top positions are usually equal to the huge number of visitors. A main part of these visitors could be converted into customers, hence generate profits.

We are happy to announce that as of Today Colibri allows you to monitor your keywords positions and competitors on

Common SEO mistakes of 2012. Based on research on representative group of new Colibri's customers.

Once you have added your website and monitor it on a properly chosen keywords and phrases, it is important to find and monitor your online competitors. You can easily find them in Colibri by clicking the "Reveal competitors" button.

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